Events and appearances with author Carla Kelly.

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7 thoughts on “Events

  1. I just wanted to tell you how much i enjoyed reading Borrowed Light, Enduring Light and Reforming Lord Ragsdale. i was wondering if there was a chance they would be made into movies.

  2. I am giving about 10 of my friends copies of “Borrowed Light” for Christmas. As I was purchasing them, the cashier at Seagull Book mentioned that you had attended a book club meeting for her group and how much she enjoyed it. I was hoping that I could arrange the same kind of thing with you the first part of February.

  3. I am so impressed with your writing. I bought your book at Walmart and only realized it was published by Cedar Fort when I got home. While I can always depend on Cedar Fort to be a clean, positive message, (which I really appreicate) sometimes the plots suffer and it almost feels like the author’s have been stifled, constrained, or something like that. Your book is such a departure from that atmosphere. I am not yet finished reading Mrs Drew Plays her Hand
    but you certainly have a gift as you must well know. I’m so pleased to be at the beginning of reading all the books you have written. Discovering you is going to be fun.

    • Thanks, Norma. Be aware that I also write for Harlequin Historicals, and these books are more mature. I also write for Camel Press. My latest there is the first of a series called The Spanish Brand. The Double Cross is set in 1780s New Mexico, when it was a colony of Spain.

  4. Ms. Kelly,
    My mother is most likely your number one fan. She lives off of Historical romances. She has read every book you have published. She has left her 10 daughters a legacy of loving ‘clean’ historical romances. She was so excited when you started writing for the LDS audience. She gave each of us a copy of ‘Borrowed Light’.

    Her 60th Birthday is coming up. And all of us, her daughters, would like to do something special for her. We were wondering if we could get a signed copy of ‘Borrowed Light.’ Or even better if you could give her a call.

    We all love your books. Thanks for the opportunity to experience living and loving in a different time period.

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