Borrowed Light

What could be simpler than cooking for cowboys in Wyoming?

Answering an ad from Desperate Rancher seemed liked the perfect solution to Julia Darling’s dilemma. For one thing, she could show off her cooking skills from the renowned Fannie Farmer Boston School of Cookery, and for another, it would be a graceful way to leave Salt Lake City after breaking her engagement to a returned missionary who everyone said would make the perfect husband—everyone, that is, except Julia.

But rugged Wyoming is a far cry from civilized Salt Lake City, and the cowboys aren’t used to her fancy cuisine. Then there are the rumors of her boss—a man with a checkered past and more than a few secrets. And to top it off, the closest “ward”—really just a Sunday School—is a long train ride away in Cheyenne. But when Julia faces emotional turmoil and natural disasters, she discovers her biggest challenge yet is letting go of borrowed light to find her own testimony.

Best-selling author Carla Kelly skillfully weaves a tale of romance, humor, and danger in her newest novel, Borrowed Light. As much warmth as it is wit, this is one story you won’t be able to put down.

Product Details
Title: Borrowed Light
Author: Carla Kelly
Format: Paperback
Page Count: 410
Dimensions: 4.25×7
ISBN: 9781599554662
Vendor: Cedar Fort, Inc.
Imprint: Bonneville
Release Date: 2011-02-14
Price: $8.99
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5 thoughts on “Borrowed Light

  1. Hi Carla! Quick question: Borrowed Light isn’t on Nook yet, but Enduring Light is. Any chance of it coming soon? I don’t want to read EL until I have a chance to read the first one.


  2. Carla has a gift. I have turned so many readers to her with her books Borrowed Light & Enduring light. I would like to get in touch with her as I have a family story regarding pioneers coming to Utah and one of them contributing to the Mountain Meadows Massacre. I was planning to write it but I could not do it justice as she would. I live in Payson, Ut.

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